Departments & Staff


SARAH TRAHERN Chief Executive Officer
MECHALLE MYERS Executive Assistant



WENDY PEARL Vice President of Corporate Communications
JAY JONES Director of Media Relations
KRISTA DIAL Manager of Media Relations
COURTNEY BEEBE Communications Coordinator


Membership and Balloting

BRANDI SIMMS Senior Director of Membership and Balloting
TIFFANY KERNS Community Outreach Manager
BRENDEN OLIVER Membership and Balloting Coordinator


Marketing & Partnerships

DAMON WHITESIDE Senior Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
CODY LYNCH Marketing and Strategic Partnerships Assistant



CATHERINE BLACKWELL Director of Marketing
AMANDA ECKARD Director of Creative Services
MERYL JOHNSON Director of Digital Strategy
CHRISTIAN BOTTORFF Creative Services Manager
SCOTT FRANS Digital Project Manager
AMANDA HAEFFNER Marketing Manager
MARY OVEREND Digital Marketing Manager
MARTY FILOGAMO Digital Designer
ALINA THOMPSON Marketing Coordinator


Strategic Partnerships

EMILY EVANS Director of Strategic Partnerships
LARA HENLEY Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships


Market Research

KAREN STUMP Senior Director of Market Research
NATALIE WILSON Market Research Coordinator



BOBBI BOYCE Director of International Relations


Live Events

CHRIS CRAWFORD Senior Director of Live Events
DIANE BEARDEN-ENRIGHT Senior Manager of Meetings and Logistics
KRIS KENNEDY Senior Manager of Events
VILMA SALINAS Senior Manager of Event Logistics
GREG PITMAN Production Manager
MANDI NAYLOR Live Events Coordinator


Finance and Administration

AMY SMARTT Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration
KEVIN WILSON Senior Vice President of Business Affairs
KEN SANDERSON Director of Information Technology
AARON HARTLEY Senior Manager of Administrative Services
JENNIFER CROWDER Senior Manager of Accounting Services
MELISSA MAYNARD Operations Manager
BEN BALCH Manager of Accounting Services
JUSTIN RANDALL Network Administrator
TAYLOR TAPP Systems and Application Administrator
MARYANN DICKS Finance and Administration Coordinator
ANGELA BROWN Accounting Coordinator
LINDSEY JONES Operations and Administrative Coordinator
MARCO CASTILLO Operations Assistant