Trivia Questions

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How many times (including this year) have Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood hosted the CMA Awards?
6 times (2008-2013)

Who has hosted the most consecutive CMA Awards ceremonies in the show’s history?
Vince Gill (1992-2003, 12 years)

What year was the inaugural CMA Awards?

Which CMA Awards title is considered the most prestigious honor of the ceremony?
Entertainer of the Year

Kenny Chesney and Alabama both hold the record for the most consecutive wins of CMA Entertainer of the Year. How many times did each of them win this award?
3 times (Kenny Chesney: 2006-2008; Alabama: 1982-1984)

Which television network will host “The 47th Annual CMA Awards”?
ABC Network

The CMA Awards have taken place in Nashville every year but one. When and where did the Awards take place outside of Nashville?
2005, at Madison Square Garden in New York City

Who is the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year (2012 winner)?
Blake Shelton

Which two artists have won Male and Female Vocalist of the Year for the past three years?
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

Currently, how many CMA Awards categories are awarded?
12 categories

Who has won the most CMA Awards of all time?
George Strait (22 wins)

Who has received the most CMA nominations of all time?
George Strait, 82 nominations

Which two artists lead with the most CMA Awards nominations this year?
Taylor Swift & Kacey Musgraves

What is the difference between Song of the Year and Single of the Year? Who receives the trophy?
- Song of the Year is awarded to the songwriter
– Single of the Year is awarded to the singer and producer

Who was the first female to win a CMA Entertainer of the Year?
Loretta Lynn

Which duo holds the most Vocal Duo of the Year wins in CMA Awards history?
Brooks & Dunn

Only one duo has ever won CMA Entertainer of the Year. Who was it?
Brooks & Dunn, 1996