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Cheryl LuQuire | "CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock"
Five minutes with Cheryl LuQuire and it’s clear that she has her sights set high. “I really just want my life and my music to empower people to be great, to embrace their beauty and to celebrate their lives; flaws and all”

Born the youngest of three girls to blue-collar Mississippi parents, LuQuire was raised with faith, fun and music. “I grew up ankle deep in the delta blues and soul, knee deep in southern rock n roll, and up to my neck in country music,” she explains with a grin. “My grandparents were farmers, my father was a railroad man and construction worker and my mother worked the assembly line at GM so I pretty much had to become a country singer!” Blessed with a look that stops traffic and possessed of the sort of self-confidence and determination that gets stuff done, LuQuire knew from a very young age that performing was her calling. “I sang before I could talk!” she adds. “Being a country artist has always been the career path for my life. There’s never been another option.”

Cheryl really began to discover the power of a well-written song when she was 12 and music helped her cope with the sudden and shocking death of her father due to a construction accident. “Music can be such a force for healing,” she reflects, “and I was determined to use it that way in my life. The loss of my Dad allowed me to understand the world in a way that takes some girls most of their life to figure out. Life’s too short to spend it weighed down by self-doubt, fear, or feeling that you’re somehow not enough.” This perspective continues to fuel LuQuire’s songwriting spirit as she explores the travails of love and loss and the joys of a simple life.

While studying music at Belmont University, however, life threw her a curve. When a pre-cancerous tumor required two rounds of facial surgery, her belief that beauty was more than skin deep was put to the test. “It was a real ‘come to Jesus’ moment for me,” she admits. “It reminded me again that life is fragile and physical beauty is fleeting. We should live each day to the fullest without buying into the shallow values of the world around us.” Did this test slow her down, though? By no means. “If anything, that experience lit a fire under me. I’m absolutely full-throttle, sold-out, committed to this passion of writing and singing songs that empower listeners to hold on to truth & to their value even when the bottom starts to fall out and life gets rough. My mom raised me to give 100%. Whether I’m writing a song or performing on stage that’s just how I am.”

“Everyone on the inside of Nashville’s music industry is constantly looking for the next undeniable superstar,” BMI’s VP of Writer/Publisher Relations Jody Williams says, “an artist who resets the bar as a writer, singer and performer. For me, without question, that artist is Cheryl LuQuire.” Her combination of heart, sass and soul creates a sound that gives young girls something to shout at the top of their lungs while their mom’s sing along too. She’s equally as comfortable rocking a honky-tonk as she is at her home church. While she’s definitely all girly-girl, she’s no stranger to a hunting rifle or a race track. Simply put, Cheryl LuQuire is no manufactured country product. She’s a loaded pistol ready to pop.

June 6, 2014 11:00 am SAMSUNG GALAXY STAGE – Friday

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