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Walker McGuire | "CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock"
Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire are from the heart of the USA-Vernon, Texas and Fairway, Kansas. They are real, they are working hard and they are believers. The Band, Walker McGuire, was formed in May 2012 and is making progress most of Nashville has never seen with their mix of brilliantly crafted lyrics and infectious melodies. Their distinct vocal sound is what will instantly grab your attention, a little bit of Texas bad boy and a familiar Nashville harmony that sticks in your head all day! Once you hear their songs including “The Color Pink”, “Hurry On Home” and “Ole What’s Her Name” you will be hooked on this duo and want more of theri American dream! After a year of playing Broadway bars and writers’ nights in Nashville, the two were discovered by Big D and Bubba, the hosts of a nationally syndicated Radio Show. It was then that Big D and Bubba offered Walker McGuire the opportunity to be featured every week on their radio talent show “Chasin’ The Dream”. Every week, “Chasin The Dream” airs on radio stations across the USA and on Armed Forces Radio alal over the world where listeners can follow Walker McGuire and be a part of Jordan and Johnny’s determined quest for fame.
June 8, 2014 12:00 pm CHEVY ACOUSTIC STAGE – Sunday

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