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Why Music Education Matters


Each year the CMA Music Festival attracts 600+ artists and nearly 90,000 fans. Every artist performing at the CMA Music Festival donates their time so we are able to raise millions for music education initiatives throughout the country.  The CMA Foundation is committed to providing quality access to music education for more than 1,000,000 students nationwide.  We believe all children should have access to music and that it should be included as part of a well-rounded education. To date, the CMA Foundation has donated more than $17.5 million to music education.

Why does music education matter?  The Foundation has made music education its core initiative.  We know it’s making a difference. Studies have shown that people who play instruments from childhood have above average general reasoning skills and verbal intelligence. Other studies have showed learning music increases fine motor skills, enhanced hearing ability, and memory. This means the skills acquired learning music give the child the foundation to succeed in other disciplines. For instance, the enhanced reasoning skills and verbal intelligence are the skills needed to excel in the language arts. The act of reading music is cognitively very similar to the act of reading words, so children who learn to read music at a young age generally read at a higher grade level than their peers.