Music Education

Music Education

Frankie Ballard on Aug. 12, 2015 joins forces in Detroit with the CMA Foundation, Chevrolet and Warner Music Nashville to officially open a new Notes for Notes recording studio at the Sports Academics Youth Detroit Play Center.

CMA Foundation

Guided by the generosity of the Country Music community, the CMA Foundation focuses on improving and sustaining music education programs everywhere. Inspiring a love for music in people around the world through the charitable giving of the Country Music community is our vision. Since its inception, the CMA Foundation has given more than $13.6 million to organizations enhancing the lives of students through the power of music. Music education matters.


CMA EDU is the Country Music Association’s college outreach and business development program. CMA EDU’s primary focus is to educate college students on career opportunities within the music and entertainment industries. Each semester CMA EDU invites industry professionals including artists as guest speakers to their respective campuses. Industry speakers share their insights into the field, discuss current industry trends and impart concrete advice on how to successfully pursue and excel in a music business career.