2015 Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees Lift Their Voices During 12th Annual CMA Artist Luncheon

2015 Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees Lift Their Voices During 12th Annual CMA Artist Luncheon

NASHVILLE – The room was full of singers, so it seemed only fitting that the conversation should start with harmony when The Oak Ridge Boys (Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, William Lee Golden, Richard Sterban) and The Browns (Jim Ed, Maxine, and Bonnie) sat down with Country Music Association members Wednesday during the 12th Annual CMA Artist Luncheon.

The two are among the most distinctive – albeit different – vocal harmony groups in Country Music.

They talked about their craft following the announcement that they will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame later this year along with late guitarist Grady Martin.

The Oaks, who all hail from different parts of the country, sing old-school, four-part harmony. The Browns offer an almost perfect example of sibling harmony.

“There is nothing in the world like hearing great harmony,” The Oaks’ Bonsall said. “And the only thing that’s better than that is being behind this microphone, being a part of something like this all those years, making that sound as brothers, as friends. We send it out there with all we got. We call it a power harmony.”

“I think it’s singing from our heart, singing from our soul and it’s kind of a spiritual thing sometimes,” added Golden.

The Browns, like existing Hall of Fame members The Everly Brothers and The Louvin Brothers, rely on the special bond between family members to align their voices.

“I can sing a song, put it on tape, and send it to my sisters and they will sing their part and not somebody else’s,” Jim Ed Brown said. “Bonnie would sing the third part, Maxine would sing the second part, and when you put it all together it would all fit. It was the timbre of the voices that brings us together, which is a little bit different from most groups. And that sound is part of The Browns. I don’t think anybody’s ever duplicated it.”

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