Chevrolet and Country Music: a Perfect Consumer Combination

Chevrolet and Country Music: a Perfect Consumer Combination

Brand: Country Music Association, Inc.

Brand: Chevrolet


Partnership Details

CMA recently asked Michael Weidman, National Promotions Manager for Chevrolet, about partnering with CMA and the Country Music brand.

If you were to choose a Chevrolet / CMA “best practices” from all of the years Chevrolet and CMA have been partners, what would it be and why?

For Chevrolet, our Partnership with CMA is rooted in fan engagement. We work hard to provide memorable experiences and takeaways that enhance the fan experience and provide a feeling of walking away with more than they may have expected. All the while engaging them with our products.

What direction, perspective or advice would you give to corporate partners looking to enter into a partnership, not only with CMA, but with Country Music in general?

There is so much that you can do with this Genre. The key is to find the niche that best fits your Brand’s objectives. For example, you can align with the Biggest and Best in Coutry Music or focus on those that are just making their start. It’s all about who and what those things are and how they can best support your Brand priorities. And then once you define what that is, you need to create an integrated, 360 degree focused plan to connect with the Fan all year long.

What keeps Chevrolet coming back year after year to Country Music?

There is nothing engrained into the heart of America more than Country Music and Chevrolet. As the genre has evolved and grown over the years, so has our Brand. The demographics of this audience fully align with our broad portfolio of products that we have to offer. Further, it has allowed us to reach the growing fan bases among Women and Millennials.

Article originally published in CMA’s brand partner email newsletter.