Should We Partner


Our investment is more than a monetary transaction; it’s a partnership.
The CMA Foundation doesn’t just grant money to schools and organizations or settle for adequate music programs. We are committed to providing quality resources, implementing the best practices, and investing in the overall infrastructure to ensure the music education programs we’re helping to build end up are thriving and delivering successful and lasting results.

More than we want to create the next generation of musicians, we want to create a better world by improving the level of education for students today. We believe music education carves an additional pathway for success.

Areas of Focus
Instruments & Equipment
It’s impossible to teach without the proper materials. We help physically equip music education programs.

Professional Development
Students can’t thrive if their teachers aren’t thriving. We create an environment where teachers are well-supported and well-educated, so they are equipped and confident.

Implementing Strategy
You can have willing teachers and proper materials, but without an effective strategy, you won’t see results. We work to partner schools and community organizations to work together to solve challenges and strengthen the quality of music education.

Youth Development
When students have life-long access to music education, their capacity for social, emotional, cognitive, and artistic development increases. Our primary focus is helping students reach their full potential.

Research & Data
Knowing what’s working and what isn’t is an invaluable resource when it comes to improving music education. The research and data we receive from past grantees also help us provide evidence for success and why we do what we do. Check out our investments to see what we mean.


We’re looking for the “right fit.”
As cliche as it may sound, the CMA Foundation carefully and strategically selects each of our partnerships to find the right fit. If you’ve read about our process, then you know we don’t just pick grantees at random; we have to be well-matched. Our specific investment model requires complete transparency and cooperation, focus and flexibility, and perseverance––not to mention an overwhelming amount of passion and excitement for music education.

We are looking for grantees who are motivated and ready to make a difference in the lives of their students that will impact future generations and the world we live in. Please review our areas of focus to see if your organization would be a good fit.

We are so excited to learn more about the mission of your organization, the commitment you have to your community, and how we can potentially partner together to do something amazing.

The CMA Foundation considers the governance and management of each grantee to be determining factors for effectiveness and impact. We encourage grantees to have, or be working toward, a composition of board and senior staff that is diverse and reflective of the racial and ethnic demographics of the children, families and communities they serve.