The Process



The CMA Foundation works with each grantee to identify and confirm the most significant areas of need within an application. A prospective grantee should be prepared to work closely with Foundation staff in revising and refining the proposal before it is finalized.  Together we will develop a plan and strategy for executing and implementing your program objectives. All expectations are agreed upon by both the CMA Foundation and grantee prior to fund distribution. We value our grantees and the role they play within their community and in a child’s life. Our investment is a collaborative effort not a transaction.

All grantees are expected to complete a series of status updates during the term of the grant. Together we will evaluate the success of the program and identify any challenges being faced. We often look to data for program evaluation but also recognize that impact can be measured through story telling and action. As partners, we hope to communicate often during the term of the grant. The final report delivered by each grantee should contain program information that was featured through status updates.

The success and challenges faced within all our investments are learning opportunities for future investments. Transparency is vital to the success of our partnership.