Hallmark Announces New Line of Keith Urban Sound Cards

Hallmark Announces New Line of Keith Urban Sound Cards

Artist: Keith Urban

Brand: Hallmark


Partnership Details

Hallmark will release a new line of greeting cards that feature the music of County Music superstar Keith Urban. Available in select stores, the 12 cards will feature 15-second clips from some of Urban’s biggest hits.  The cards will be in stores in time to kick off Urban’s “Light the Fuse Tour,” his first outdoor summer tour.

“For me, a card, like music, has the ability to make an emotional connection,” said Keith Urban. “I love knowing that these cards, and my music, will mark such meaningful moments in so many people’s lives!”

“Keith’s songs are often about enjoying the here and now,” said Angela Ensminger, editorial director at Hallmark. “We loved using those messages of taking time to stop, reflect and feel good about how far you’ve come. Using his lyrics as inspiration, we aimed to write cards that would solicit the same emotions as their soundtracks.”

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