Q&A with CMA's new CEO Sarah Trahern

Q&A with CMA's new CEO Sarah Trahern

Country Aircheck‘s Chuck Aly and Jess Wright sat down with the newly named CMA CEO, Sarah Trahern, to discuss her new role.

– Excerpted from Country Aircheck January 13, 2014, Issue 379

On the job less than a week, CMA CEO Sarah Trahern sat with Country Aircheck to discuss leaving GAC, what she hopes to accomplish, and the opportunities, challenges and surprises already facing her in the new role.

CA: How did this opportunity come up and what was your initial reaction?

ST: About three years ago I was talking to a business coach saying that down the road I will have to decide if I’m a TV person or a music person. I came to Nashville as TV person having never done music before, although it was a passion. Over the 18 years I’ve been here, I’ve found the music industry piece to be something I really enjoy. She asked me what I thought my dream job would be. And I said to lead the CMA. So when it was out in the paper that the search committee was looking, she called and asked what I was going to do about it. The hard part was things were going really well at GAC, but it just kept gnawing at me. My little brother asked if it was something I really wanted to do and I told him I thought I could make a huge difference.

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