Music Industry executive, Rob Potts, has unexpectedly passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident that occurred on Oct. 27 in Tasmania, Australia.

“The CMA Board and staff, as well as the Country Music community is devastated at the news of Rob’s passing,” said CMA Chief Executive Officer Sarah Trahern. “He was a key driver of our international expansion for the past years and waived the country flag proudly in Australia. On a personal note, my husband Wayne and I have lost a vibrant friend. Rob lived life to its fullest.”

Rob Potts was a longtime member of the Country Music Association (CMA) Board of Directors where he was actively involved in Country music’s international efforts. He is a previous Chairman of the CMA International Committee and current Chairman of the Australian CMA Task Force. This past March, CMA awarded Potts with the Jo Walker Meador International Award to recognize his outstanding achievement in advocating and supporting Country Music’s marketing development in territories outside the United States .

His company Rob Potts Entertainment Edge has been at the forefront of the recent surge of U.S. Country superstars in the Australian market. With Chugg Entertainment, Potts established the CMC Rocks festival brand with the CMC Rocks The Snowys, CMC Rocks The Hunter and now CMC Rocks QLD festivals, which in 2016 became Australia’s first sold out country music festival in history. Rob Potts was also the longtime manager to Warner Music Nashville’s Morgan Evans.

Potts is survived by his son, Jeremy Potts, and ex-wife, Sally. Arrangements are pending at this time.

I am so horribly hurting. The picture below was taken in Chicago six weeks ago. At dinner Rob had just invited me to join him on the annual motorcycle trip he was taking this week in Tasmania. He showed me pictures of it for fifteen minutes and was so excited. He said it’s his favorite thing he’s ever done, and he loves it so much. “Mate, you’ve gotta come with us!!” I was hooked! I told him wouldn’t be able to join this week due to schedule but of course Rob wouldn’t take ‘no.’ So we made a date for me to go with him when they do it again in February. He talked for a bit about how blessed he is, and how this trip is his celebration of that with good friends and insisted that I come. We toasted to life and then took the photo to commemorate the plan. I’m crying…shaking as I write this. He was such a beautiful soul. We are so blessed to have had him in our lives.  – Kurt Johnson

Rob was such a great advocate and supporter of Country Music all over the world.  His passion to develop artists in Australia was unrelenting. He will be truly missed by the entire county music
community.  – Rob Beckham (Co-Head of WME)