Veteran Radio and Music Journalist Chuck Dauphin Receives 2014 CMA Media Achievement Award

Veteran Radio and Music Journalist Chuck Dauphin Receives 2014 CMA Media Achievement Award

NASHVILLE –Veteran radio and music journalist Chuck Dauphin was presented with the 2014 CMA Media Achievement Award backstage in the media center during “The 48th Annual CMA Awards.”

“I am truly blessed and humbled to be in the list of names who have won this award,” said Dauphin. “Thanks to all my editors who give me the outlets to write for, especially Tye Comer at Billboard for the chance. And, thank you to the publicists who make my job so much easier. They are not just people I work with, they are my friends. Thanks to my God, my family, including my son Zack, and of course to the CMA.”

“Chuck is a well-respected journalist within the industry and he is highly regarded among our voting CMA member publicists for his preparation, creativity, integrity, and passion for Country Music,” said CMA Vice President of Corporate Communications Wendy Pearl.

At 10, Dauphin dreamed of a job in the music business.

“I remember that was the first summer that my parents let me stay up and watch TV as late as I wanted – provided I didn’t wake them up,” recalled Dauphin. “I would scan down through the AM band at night, and find stations such as WBAP / Dallas, WWL / New Orleans, and WLW / Cincinnati. Each of those stations had live bodies on the air back then. I used to think it was so neat that at 12:30 AM, you could hear them talking 500 miles away.

“I actually developed my own imaginary radio station – WBRQ – W- Burns (my hometown in Tennessee)-Q. I would take my boom box that my grandmother had bought me, and would read ads from the local paper, and do intros and outros of the songs.”

Since then, Dauphin’s career has been far from imaginary. He has spent the past 21 years working as a radio broadcaster, record promoter, and as a journalist. Since 2001, he has had more than 1,000 articles published in various magazines and newspapers – including Roughstock and At Home Tennessee. Since 2011, he has been a contributing writer for Billboard; he is the Country News Editor and The 615 columnist for

“Having this job amazes me,” Dauphin says. “I was buying Billboard at B. Dalton Booksellers at Hickory Hollow Mall as an 11-year-old kid. I am extremely blessed and humbled to be able to write about the music and artists I love.”

In his career, he has interviewed everyone from Carrie Underwood, Vince Gill, and Jason Aldean to Dolly Parton.

“It’s an absolute honor to be able to give these artists a platform to talk about their careers,” he said. “I consider myself a professional, but at the end of the day, I am also a fan – still remembering being that 12-year old listening to Kenny Rogers or Reba McEntire on late night radio.”

Since 1991 – the year that CDX began, Dauphin has been a fixture at radio stations throughout Tennessee, most notably WDKN/Dickson, and WNKX/Centerville, where he can be heard each week.

The CMA Media Achievement Award was established to recognize outstanding achievements in the media as they relate to Country Music. Print and Internet journalists, columnists, authors, and editors; television writers, producers and bookers; and syndicated radio reporters are eligible to win this award.

CMA member publicists nominate media candidates for consideration. The top five nominees are collected and sent to the publicist panel for a second round of voting. The overall winner is presented to the Awards and Recognition Committee and then approved by the CMA Board of Directors.

Past winners of the Media Achievement Award include:

1982 Jack Hurst
1983 Neil Hickey
1984 Dolly Carlisle
1985 Red O’Donnell
1986 No Award
1987 David Zimmerman
1988 Robert K. Oermann
1989 Bob Claypool
1990 Dick Heard
1991 No Award
1992 Mark McEwen
1993 Lynn Lester
1994 Judy Massa
1995 Clay Smith
1996 Tisi Aylward
1997 Jay Orr
1998 Chet Flippo
1999 Hazel Smith
2000 Neil Pond
2001 Harry Chapman
2002 Jim Patterson
2003 Denise Quan
2004 Alanna Nash
2005 Mark Bracco
2006 Donna Hughes
2007 Storme Warren
2008 Monica Escobedo
2009 Cynthia Sanz
2010 Beville Darden
2011 Ashley Dvorkin
2012 Jennifer Meyer and Ray Sells
2013 Deborah Evans Price

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