Wrangler is on of CMA’s longest partnerships, dating back over thirteen years!

Wrangler is on of CMA’s longest partnerships, dating back over thirteen years!

Client: Country Music Association
Brand: Wrangler


Partnership Details

Wrangler started as a manufacturer of overalls in the early 1900s, and by the 1940s was mass marketing its denim line to cowboys. While the brand’s target demographics have not changed, Wrangler jeans are not just for cowboys anymore. Wrangler has expanded its target to include NASCAR, football, and Country Music.

CMA asked Edyie Brooks-Bryant, Senior Marketing Manager for Wrangler, about partnering with CMA and the Country brand.

Wrangler is one of CMA’s longest partnerships, dating back over thirteen years. What has been Wrangler’s best experience with Country Music?

The CMA Music Festival is by far one of the best experiences for the brand. Representing our country music endorsees such as George Strait and Jason Aldean is a great way to connect with our consumer there. Country music is such a large facet of the brand and we love being there to give our fans behind the scenes exclusive content for our social media following and offering meet-and-greets with country music artists, festival tickets and gift certificates to fans in Nashville.

What drives Wrangler’s historical evolution, strength and longevity as a premier retailer of jeans and western apparel?

As a retail brand that targets several demographics, Wrangler has certainly stayed true to the preservation and promotion of the western lifestyle. With more than 65 years of history and heritage, the Wrangler® Western brand has established itself as the great American jeans lifestyle brand that was born in the spirit of the West and the great outdoors. Starting with the original Wrangler Cowboy Cut® 13MWZ – the jean “made for cowboys by cowboys,” and the same jean originally made in 1947 – the brand has become synonymous with the Western way of life. Wrangler Western Wear remains true to the brand’s Western roots thriving on the cowboy aesthetic and the preservation of the American legacy while still offering new, style-savvy categories.

What is the most important thing Wrangler has learned from their customers in the last five years through social media?

Over the years our Wrangler Western Facebook fans have become highly engaged with the page. As a leader in Western wear and the lifestyle itself, our fans come to our social sites for new product highlights, country music news and rodeo insight. As this relationship progresses, we must continue to provide this exclusive content for an engaging experience that our fans cannot get elsewhere; and we’re committed to doing that.

The Places and Faces of Wrangler online gallery showing people living life comfortably in their favorite Wrangler jeans is an innovative social media campaign. What else is Wrangler doing to speak to consumers?

In addition to that social campaign, we also offer our Facebook fans the chance to enter our many sweepstakes opportunities with exclusive prizes such as sending them to CMA Music Fest and the Wrangler NFR or becoming the newest face to represent our Ultimate Riding Jean collection. We also conduct consumer research and incorporate product innovations specific to our consumers wants and needs.

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