CMA Hosts Ninth Annual CMA EDU Leadership Summit



CMA, the premier trade association for the Country Music industry, hosted its ninth annual CMA EDU Leadership Summit August 11-12. The virtual multi-day conference included two days of extensive professional development training, engaging industry education and robust networking opportunities. Acting as CMA’s industry development pipeline, CMA EDU was created to develop and support the next generation of music industry leaders and is offered to a select group of students from across the country who demonstrate a drive to succeed in the music business.

“We are thrilled to have hosted our CMA EDU class of 2022-2023 at the virtual CMA EDU Leadership Summit last week,” says Tiffany Kerns, CMA Vice President, Industry Relations & Philanthropy. “The CMA EDU Leadership Summit is the kickoff to a year of extensive professional development and industry connection. CMA EDU students leave our program with a clear and direct pathway to success in our industry, from opportunities to experience our industry firsthand to extensive leadership training and networking, the CMA EDU Leadership Summit is just the beginning. Thank you to all of our industry partners that hosted sessions during the summit and to each of our CMA EDU members that attended!”

This year’s summit welcomed the CMA EDU Class of 2022-2023, made up of 28 students from 16 universities and two countries, including Northeastern University, Belmont University, the University of Alabama, Vanderbilt University, Auburn University, the University of South Carolina, the University of Minnesota, the University of Georgia, the University of California Los Angeles, the University of Buffalo/Singapore Institute of Management, the University of Florida, The Ohio State University, Ferris State University, New York University, Texas State University and the University of Tennessee.

Throughout the conference attendees heard from industry veterans and leaders on a variety of topics, touching on all facets of the music business. Highlights included a conversation with Chris Kappy, Founder and Owner of Make Wake Artists, where he discussed his journey in the music industry from managing Country superstar Luke Combs to starting his own company and advice for those just beginning in their career. Mia McNeal, CMA Senior Director of Industry Relations & Inclusion, also led a session focused on diversity and inclusion.

Additionally, in breakout rooms, participants had the opportunity to speak to and network with CMA EDU alumni, where they discussed their path in the industry and their transition from college into the workforce. Panelists included Katie Mangan, Marketing Coordinator, Borman Entertainment, Siri Yelamanchili, Marketing Manager, YouTube, Marko Divic, Project Manager, Touring, Live Nation and Zach Farnum, President, 117 Entertainment Group. Attendees also participated in a goal-setting exercise which included creating a vision board, as well as a road map for what’s to come in their careers.

To meet the CMA EDU class of 2022, click HERE. To learn more about applying for the next CMA EDU class, visit

The CMA EDU Class of 2022-2023 during the ninth CMA EDU Leadership Summit, a virtual multi-day conference August 11-12. Photo Credit: CMA