CMA’s TRENDWATCH Gives Members Exclusive Monthly Music Engagement Information

NASHVILLE – Country Music is seeing an uptick in daily listeners according to new insights from the Country Music Association. Along with these statistics, CMA announced today the launch of a brand-new Country Music consumer research dashboard exclusively available to CMA members. TRENDWATCH is a monthly snapshot of key music engagement behaviors—indicating what the Country consumer is saying and doing currently, as well as tracking that activity over time.

“The fact that Country Music is garnering more daily listeners means we are connecting more frequently with our audience,” says Karen Stump, CMA Senior Director, Market Research. “We’re converting casual listeners to more engaged listeners.”

Below are examples of key points from the Country Music consumer behavior data that
CMA members will have full access to starting today:

  • Daily listeners among the Country audience increased overall by the end of 2019 –
    up from 25% in May to 27% by the year’s end.
    This is an 8% lift in daily listeners among the audience nationally.
  • The shift in more daily listeners is most evident among 18- to 34-year-old and 50- to 64-year-old Country listeners. The number of daily listeners among these two demographics saw larger increases, while also seeing more shifts away from the number of occasional listeners—a potential indication of converting listeners in those age demographics to more engaged fans.
  • The average Country Music listener spends roughly 50% of their music listening time tuning into Country and the same share of time with non-Country genres. These listening shares can vary by platform, demographic and geographical factors.
  • The Country audience size held steady across 2019 with one in two adults tuning in to Country Music at least on a monthly basis. As addressed previously, as of December 2019, 27% of those listen to Country Music every day.

Insights were pulled from May to December 2019. The next iteration of data will be available near the beginning of each month. CMA members may gain full access to each month’s TRENDWATCH via their email.

As the premiere trade association for the Country Music industry, this initiative falls in line with CMA’s mission to serve as a repository for critical and timely information and communication, while providing a forum for industry leadership dialogue towards its goals.