Keith Urban, CMA Foundation Surprise Nashville High School

Keith Urban, CMA Foundation Surprise Nashville High School

Urban Visited Hillwood High School in Support of CMA Foundation’s Mission to Enhance Equitable Music Education Opportunities Across the U.S. 

As valued leaders in music education, the CMA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Country Music Association, arranged for 12-time CMA Award winner Keith Urban to meet with students from Hillwood High School in Nashville yesterday, Nov. 30. The unannounced visit with the school’s Rock Band, Orchestra, Choir and Band programs saw Urban hosting a Q&A session that discussed, amongst other things, songwriting, performing and the music industry. In addition to offering students tips and words of encouragement to further their music education, Urban was treated to two student performances in preparation for their winter concerts, one from the school’s Rock Band and the other from its String Orchestra, which performed Urban’s hit “Wasted Time.”

“There is nothing more fulfilling than experiencing the incredible impact music has on a student’s life,” says Tiffany Kerns, Executive Director, CMA Foundation. “Whether they are performing music or talking about the transformative power of music, yesterday’s school visit reiterated that our priority in education is always our students’ ability to be successful, heard, and seen. Keith provided insight on his musical journey but more importantly, he shared a commonality with the students – music making is life changing and critical to our next generation.”

Since its inception in 2011, the CMA Foundation has been committed to improving and sustaining music programs throughout the U.S. so all students have equitable opportunities to participate in a high-quality music education. The CMA Foundation believes music and the arts are part of a well-rounded education, investing $27 million to support these efforts over the last 10 years. During this time, the CMA Foundation has observed why music programs are not thriving, seeing first-hand the challenges educators are facing and, most importantly, the systemic issues that must be addressed in order for every child to have access to music. Committed to its vision, the CMA Foundation is working directly with school districts to identify needs, understand their challenges, build community support and develop local and national resources from partners as part of the non-profit’s systems change model.

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About the CMA Foundation   
Established in 2011 as the philanthropic arm of the Country Music Association (CMA), the CMA Foundation is committed to improving and sustaining high-quality music education programs across the United States, working to ensure every child has the opportunity to participate in music. Through strategic partnerships, professional development and grant distribution, the CMA Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), invests various resources across the national public school system, after school programs, summer camps and community outreach organizations.

Keith Urban visits Hillwood High School in Nashville, TN on Tuesday, Nov. 30 to speak with students from Orchestra, Rock Band, Choir and more to share the impact of music education. Photo Credit: Acacia Evans/CMA
Keith Urban (center) pictured with Dylan Schuman, Rock Band and Band Director at Hillwood High School, Tyler Merideth, Choir and Orchestra Director at Hillwood High School, Tiffany Kerns, Executive Director, CMA Foundation, and Dr. Adrienne Battle, Director of Metro Nashville Public Schools. Photo Credit: Acacia Evans/CMA
Keith Urban hosts a Q&A session discussing songwriting, performing, the music industry and more during a surprise visit to Hillwood High School on Tuesday, Nov. 30 in Nashville, TN. Photo Credit: Acacia Evans/CMA
Hillwood High School’s String Orchestra performs Keith Urban’s hit “Wasted Time” during a surprise visit from Urban on Tuesday, Nov. 30 in Nashville, TN. Photo Credit: Acacia Evans/CMA