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The Rise of Country Music

Today’s Country Music audience reaches more than 107 million U.S. teens and adults from Millennials to Baby Boomers. Our audience is seeing expanding growth and appeal along many dimensions and drivers to be a top ranked consumer group.

  • More growth among Millennials than ever before
  • Increasing appeal among Hispanics
  • Growth across all regions of the map, including non-traditional market regions
  • More daily music listening versus other genres

Country Music Consumer Infographics

Spanning the US

Region by region, one-third or more are consuming Country Music as the genre grows in appeal and accessibility across the nation

Appeal Across Generations

Fan base continues to resonate with an audience that crosses all ages

Growth Among Younger Fans

Country Music listening and consumption has increased across younger fans

Connecting with Multiculturals

Country Music listening has increased across demographics

Reaching the Affluent

Country Music consumers have higher household incomes

Avid Technology Adopters

Device ownership among Country consumers

Desirable Decision Makers

Educated, family-oriented, discerning consumers provide a foundation for spending habits

Consumer Lifestyle Spending

Annual spending across lifestyle categories


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