CMA CEO Sarah Trahern Receives CRB President’s Award

The Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. presented CMA Chief Executive Officer Sarah Trahern with the 2020 CRB President’s Award during “CRS Honors” today, kicking off CRS 2021: The Virtual Experience.

“In short, when you need Sarah Trahern, she’s there,” said Kurt Johnson, Townsquare Media SVP of Programming and CRS/CRB Board President. “As the Chairman of the Board of the Country Music Association, I was extremely fortunate to work alongside Sarah for the past few years and particularly the past year. When it became clear how the Coronavirus lockdown was going to affect our business, Sarah didn’t hesitate. She brought people together. She gathered resources. She worked seven days a week last spring and summer. Never thinking of herself, but helping her staff, helping her Board and helping Country Music’s friends – all the people we work with all year and the shows we go to who are hurting because their income had been eliminated. Sarah’s efforts and the incredible efforts of the staff that she leads raised $3 million for relief for our friends in Country Music. She will tell you it was the Board and her staff who did all the work, but the truth is, without Sarah Trahern leading it, it could not and would not have happened. Sarah, thank you. You are a true gift to Country Music, CMA, CRS and the entire Music Row community.”

The CRB President’s Award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the marketing, production, growth, and development of the Country Radio Seminar and the multiple services that Country Radio Broadcasters provides to the Country radio and music communities.

CMA Chief Executive Officer Sarah Trahern receives the CRB President’s Award Tuesday, Feb. 16 during “CRS Honors,” kicking off CRS 2021: The Virtual Experience.
Photo Credit: CMA